Innovation for conveyor systems - SICK Roller Sensor Bar

March 29, 2023
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Innovation for conveyor systems - SICK Roller Sensor Bar-0

As many of us have used parcel machine services, you must have encountered delays in shipments. One of the reasons for the delay could be jams on the conveyor line at the shipment sorting points. Jamming can occur when packages get caught behind installed sensors or sensor holes in the walls of the conveyor. 

Until now, it was quite common, but not anymore in 2023. To prevent this, SICK has created an innovative sensor, which we will tell you about in this article.

Jams on conveyor lines are a common problem in both Latvian and global production and logistics companies. These jams often occur because the normal sensor setup causes the shipment to get stuck, piled up, or misdirected.

An innovative solution for conveyor systems

Manufacturer SICK has developed an innovative roller conveyor belt sensor - Roller Sensor Bar. It has high performance that allows you to reduce conveyor jams and unplanned line downtimes in the sorting and logistics nodes of various products and packages. This sensor is designed for quick and easy installation. It is installed from below between conveyor rollers or belt sections. The sensor also has excellent immunity to ambient light, avoiding false activation. For example, from LED lighting or reflections from workers' safety clothing. The innovative sensor of conveyors avoids getting stuck with the product and the possibility of disturbing its movement.

The SICK conveyor system sensor will accurately detect various, flat, or irregularly shaped objects by detecting the front edges of packages. Starting from opaque polythene bags and light packaging, ending with boxes and pallets.

Optional Conveyor Sensor Configuration

SICK Roller Sensor Bar can be ordered in two ways, according to your needs and conveyor parameters.

  • The first type is a sensor that is ready to use immediately.
  • The second type is a sensor that needs to be individually set by composing an individual product code. In this case, users can specify the sensor bar length from 200mm to 12000mm. Then set it to two to eight sensor points that are 50-200mm apart. This allows you to achieve alignment accuracy and reduce blind spots at both ends of the conveyor.

Installing the SICK Roller Sensor Bar

Installing the SICK Roller Sensor Bar is simple and efficient. The sensor is easy to install using spring-loaded end caps. There is no need to level them. This reduces installation and setup time. The user can choose the most suitable connection type with the existing system by choosing from ten different connector types and nine standard cable lengths.

Advantages of IO-Link diagnostics

SICK Roller Sensor Bars are equipped with IO-Link communication, which allows operators to access diagnostic information. IO-Link enables the identification of individual beam break information in product alignment checks. This helps confirm when a jam has occurred or alert you when objects are skewed or in the wrong position on the conveyor. IO-Link diagnostics also allows you to track the operating status of each sensor and schedule sensor maintenance.

SICK Roller Sensor Bar technical data:

  • Sensor length from 200 mm to 1200 mm, for different conveyor widths;
  • Beam points of one sensor 2-8 pcs. with a possible distance from each other of 50-200 mm;
  • Rugged IP67 housing that protects against the ingress of dust or water during cleaning procedures.

Reduce your company's conveyor downtime by choosing solutions of the latest technology from SICK. If you have questions about the operation of the sensors and need more detailed information about the technical data of the sensors, feel free to contact us.

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