How to configure Seneca Z-KEY using Bridge and Server modes?

March 15, 2023
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Data exchange between different devices is an integral part of process and factory automation, which often creates unplanned headaches for engineers. Fixing communication protocols and ensuring interoperability of equipment is a particularly important task for automation. Even a small inaccuracy in the data can cause significant disruptions in the company's daily life, which in the end can turn out to be a financial loss. This may seem like a funny comparison to you, but the flow of data is as vital to automation equipment as the circulation of blood in arteries to a person.

I will repeat again that for workers to receive a real-time flow of production data, to exchange data between connected systems, and to monitor and control equipment, modern automation is required. When designing equipment from scratch or upgrading existing ones, the mutual adjustment of Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP IP protocols is still an actual challenge for many of us. By delving into the needs of ZTF Lāsma customers, we have found an excellent solution for connecting protocols. This is the Seneca Z-KEY-Gateway

A little more about the Seneca Z-KEY?

Seneca Z-KEY is a flexible and easily configurable device with various protocol conversion - data exchange modes. Through RS232, RS485 and Ethernet connections, you will be able to create an innovative network architecture, saving both time and the amount of components used.

Merging Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP communication protocols is easy, convenient and flexible with Seneca Z-KEY. If you don't believe what is written, take a look at the video material prepared by our engineer, in which you will learn everything you need in 5 minutes

In this video you will see:

  • Seneca Z-KEY configuration for Ethernet-->Serial Gateway (Bridge) mode:
  • Seneca Z-KEY configuration for Ethernet-->Serial Gateway (Server) mode:
  • Communication test between Master and Slave devices using Seneca Z-KEY.

 Seneca Z-KEY applications:

  • For protocol conversion Modbus RTU/ASCII<-->Modbus TCP IP
  • Modbus TCP Server
  • Modbus RTU/ASCII server

Technical parameters of Seneca Z-KEY

  • Supply voltage: 10-40Vdc/19-28 Vac
  • 1x Ethernet and 2x Serial connections
  • IP20 protection class
  • Operating temperature -20..+70

Advantages Seneca Z-KEY:

  • Modbus TCP IP, Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII protocol support
  • Configuration via built-in web server
  • Built-in data flow monitoring
  • Built-in Modbus register mapping for Seneca IO modules.

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