SICK W16 photoelectric sensors with LineSpot technology

July 14, 2020
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SICK W16 photoelectric sensors with LineSpot technology-0

SICK in a new series of photoelectric sensors uses a variety of innovative technologies that significantly improve sensor and object detection performance.

SICK WTL16P photoelectric sensors with LineSpot technology provide excellent detection of perforated, textured, and uneven objects. The light spot, which has been extended to form a line, allows optical information to be provided about irregularities, such as gaps or rough surfaces. This allows the sensor to continuously detect the entire object without false signals.

Technical specification:

  • Sensing range: 10 mm ... 500 mm;
  • Light spot size (distance): 3 mm x 30 mm (200 mm);
  • Output: two independently adjustable digital outputs NPN/PNP, NO/NC;
  • IO-Link communication, Smart Tasks (Logic, timer functions)




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Photoelectric sensors SICK W16


SICK W16 Product overview (PDF)