Digital humidity and temperature sensor from E+E Elektronik

April 11, 2023
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Digital humidity and temperature sensor from E+E Elektronik-0

E+E Elektronik humidity sensors are characterized by high quality, long-term stability and mechanical strength. Sensors of this class are chosen by professionals who value sensor reliability, measurement accuracy and longevity even in the most difficult working conditions. In this article, we introduce a digital humidity and temperature sensor from E+E Elektronik.

For humidity and temperature measurements

HTP501 Digital humidity and temperature sensor impresses with its durable stainless steel housing and IP66 protection class, high temperature resistant cable and M12x1 connector. This humidity sensor can be used in the temperature range from -40 °C to 120 °C.

Built-in calculations of moisture-related physical quantities allow you to easily, quickly and accurately obtain the necessary information and control the desiccation or drying process in online mode. On the other hand, the mapping of Modbus RTU registers ensures fast and simple exchange of data required for a specific application.

High measurement accuracy, simple data integration

The HTP501 measures relative humidity and temperature over an operating range of -40 to 120 °C (-40 to 248 °F). High-quality E+E Elektronik humidity sensor element, temperature compensation and configurable pressure compensation ensure excellent measurement accuracy. In addition to the measured humidity and temperature values, the sensor probe calculates other physical quantities related to humidity, such as dew point temperature, absolute humidity or mixing ratio. The measured data is available on the RS485 interface and can be easily integrated into the process control using the Modbus RTU protocol.

Optimized for harsh environmental conditions

The probe has a robust IP66 stainless steel housing, high temperature cable with M12 connector and various filter options depending on the required application. The electronics are well protected inside the probe, so it is safe from condensation and corrosion. E+E's proprietary coating protects the humidity sensor element and its leads from dust and corrosive deposits, ensuring excellent measurement performance and long-term stability in harsh environments. Optional sensor wire protection helps significantly extend the life of the sensor element in particularly aggressive environments.

Flexible and fit

Two probe lengths (200 mm and 400 mm) and three different cable lengths give the user enormous flexibility in choosing exactly the sensor they need. The free PCS10 configuration software makes setup easy and supports individual configuration of the probe. HTP501 is compatible with the E+E Elektronik Sigma 05 sensor module, which provides the "plug-and-play" principle and expands the possibilities by providing value indication on the display and analog signal outputs. Likewise, it can be connected to central control devices using the Modbus RTU protocol.

The most typical application of humidity sensors:

  • Wood dryers
  • Grain dryers
  • Industrial laundry drying
  • Food dryers
  • etc.

Key benefits of the E+E Elektronik HTP501 sensor

  • High precision and wide temperature range
  • Premium RH sensing element with E+E patented coating protection and additional stranded wires
  • Fully protected electronics
  • Stainless steel probe in several lengths
  • Flexible high temperature cable in several lengths
  • M12x1 connector
  • RS485 with Modbus RTU protocol
  • Calculation of relevant moisture-related physical quantities
  • Wide selection of filter caps

Technical data

  • Humidity measurement range: 0...100 % RH
  • Accuracy humidity: ± 1.3 % RH
  • Temperature measuring range: -40…120 °C (-40…248 °F)
  • Accuracy temperature: ± 0.1 °C At 20 °C
  • Output signal: Modbus RTU
  • Supply voltage: 8...35 V DC

Sigma 05 - Modular Sensor Platform

The MOP301 humidity sensor is compatible with the E+E Elektronik modular sensor platform Sigma 05 device. Together, they become a versatile, easy-to-use oil moisture and temperature sensor with replaceable probe, analog outputs and indication display. In addition to the MOP301 sensor, other E+E Elektronik smart sensors can be connected to the Sigma 05 sensor platform. For more information, visit the Sigma 05 website or contact the ZTF Lāsma team!

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