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Power Terminals

Terminals are a very common component found in electrical switchboards. It allows safe and convenient connection and electrical contact between several parts of wires or cables. Terminals are a very convenient solution that have been developed to make electrical connections in systems of different levels, from simple household electrical appliances to industrial equipment. The terminals are available in several types and levels to meet the requirements of specific applications.

Types of terminals and other accessories

  • Single level terminals: These terminals are the most basic and are used to make simple electrical connections. For example, they can be part of home electrical appliances such as a microwave oven or computer peripherals such as printers.
  • Two-level terminals: These terminals are already slightly more complex and can provide several connections at the same time. They are common in computer and audio/video equipment where different devices need to be connected.
  • Three-level terminals: These terminals are even more sophisticated and allow multiple connections and data transfer with higher capacity and accuracy. They are common in industrial and medical equipment.
  • Four-level terminals: These terminals are high-end and offer very precise and high power connections. They are often used in military and scientific equipment where exceptional precision and power are essential.
  • Terminal bridges: are an application that allows terminals to be connected and disconnected without damage. Bridges can be manually operated or automated and are essential in the electronics and electrical industries where regular inspection and maintenance work is required.
  • Terminal blocks: Terminal blocks or busbars are the system components where terminals are grouped and organised. They are designed to simplify connection and maintenance processes, allowing electrical connections to be efficiently controlled and monitored. Busbars provide an organised and safe environment for electrical contacts, which is essential, especially in large industrial or commercial applications.

Many terminals are earthed to ensure a safe and stable electrical connection, reducing electrostatic discharge and electromagnetic interference.

In summary, terminals and their various levels, earths, motors and terminal bridges are critical components in electrical and electronic systems that provide reliable and efficient electrical connections. These components are essential to achieve high standards of accuracy, reliability and safety in a variety of applications, from everyday use to industrial and military solutions.