Ventilation and heating

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Fans and heaters for switchboards

Electrical switchboards are one of the central components in the management and distribution of electricity in both industrial and commercial environments. One of the most important aspects to be considered in the construction of a switchboard is its heating and/or ventilation. These aspects are important to ensure the operational reliability as well as the longevity of the electrical equipment and components in the switchboard.

Why do switchboards need heating and ventilation?

Switchboard heater

Condensation can form inside an electrical switchboard. This happens when there is too great a temperature difference between the environment and the inside of the cabinet. As well as causing unwanted corrosion, condensation can also compromise electrical safety and cause damage to electrical appliances. Special switchboard heaters help to maintain the required temperature, thus preventing condensation.

Switchboard fan

Excessive heat release can occur in a switchboard, which increases the temperature inside. Such conditions can contribute to overheating and melting of insulation. Powerful fans allow the unwanted heat to escape and ensure optimum temperatures, preventing overheating of the electrical components.

Where is the heating and/or ventilation used in the switchboards?

Electrical cabinets are used in the distribution and management of electricity in both industrial and commercial environments. Heating and ventilation are necessary to ensure that electrical appliances operate optimally.

Industrial automation systems such as PLCs (programmable logic controllers) are also used in electrical cabinets. In these solutions, heating and/or ventilation are critical to prevent malfunctions and ensure reliable plant operation.

Natural convection heater

Natural convection is a way of heating a switchboard using air circulation that occurs naturally, without the need for a mechanical ventilation system. This type of heater is usually passive and uses special heat emitting plates to maintain a stable temperature inside the cabinet. Natural convection heaters are energy-efficient long-term solutions that do not require a fan.

Use of a thermostat in the switch cabinet

A thermostat can be used to control the operation of the fan and/or the heater. By adjusting their operation according to temperature changes, safe use of electrical components can be achieved.