How to create OPC UA server with HMI panel?

May 9, 2023
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Let's dream a little. What could be a sunny future with HMI panels? It might look like this. All production processes and data visualizations are displayed on the huge screen of the SCADA system. This screen would show absolutely everything. Starting from bringing the raw and packaging materials into the warehouse, up to the organization and planning of indicators such as waste, energy consumption and employee work records. It's all within one ambitious system. Utopian, but believe us! It is realistically possible in 2023. In this video you will learn how to create an OPC UA server with a Weintek HMI panel.

The biggest heartache about and around the integration of factory PLCs, IO systems and other factory devices into Windows, Linux, Android platforms are now trends of the past. Currently, IoT has even become an integral part of the functioning of factories, both in data processing and analysis, and in the implementation of mutual communication between devices.

What does the OPC UA communication protocol provide?

The OPC UA communication protocol has provided a great opportunity for global IoT growth and simplified integration of industrial protocols into other platforms. This makes it possible to further enable data processing and analysis in high-end programming languages/environments. At this point, the limit of possibilities for the final product is where you draw the line, not where the technical limitations of the equipment end.

In this video you will see:

  • How to activate OPC UA server on Weintek CMT-X series HMI panel
  • How to add PLC variables to OPC UA server  
  • How to connect to the OPC UA server using the  OPC Client software. 
  • How to view the current and history data values of the attached PLC variables. 

Application of OPC UA server:

  • Protocol conversion for SCADA systems
  • Protocol conversion for ERP systems (Enterprise resource planning)
  • For ensuring availability of PLC variable data to Python, Javascript, etc. programming environments for further processing (for algorithm testing, web visualization, etc.).
  • For data history storage 

Main advantages: 

  • Cross-platform support - works on Windows, Linux and Android..
  • Simple firewall configuration
  • Secure data encryption through digital certificates
  • Reliability and redundancy

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