Safety edges for the protection of persons and equipment

May 10, 2021
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Safety edges for the protection of persons and equipment-0

In cooperation with the company Mayser, we have prepared samples of security edges, which you can receive from us in our office, as well we can send samples to your company.

Safety edges are a type of sensor that protects against accidents. If the safety edge encounters an obstacle, such as an operator, the specified machine is stopped and the production worker is protected from injury. Of course, there are many different solutions, not only for human protection, but also for safe controlled control of equipment.


  • folding gates
  • roller gates / sectional gates
  • sliding gates
  • louvred windows / power-operated windows
  • toll gates
  • swing doors

Depending on the type and application of the machine, it is possible to select the edge size and the type of connection (NO/NC).

Each case must be considered individually, so we will help you determine the appropriate solution.


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149.60 EUR (w/o VAT)
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