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Seneca products for energy counting and monitoring

2019-05-10 14:11:28

Accurate Energy Management is a way to be more efficient and competitive. Nowadays, everyday life is unimaginable without monitoring solutions, often not using them for ourselves, and from this point of view we do not look at the things that are obvious. As an example, we can mention the car odometer and its speed reading, the suggestions for switching speeds and other information provided by modern cars to make our road safe, economical and no less important - also comfortable.
And so many other tools we use to make our everyday life more comfortable.

The main task of the energy resource monitoring system is to make our everyday life more comfortable. The introduction of a centralized system helps to devote more time to the analysis of directly obtained data, which should be the main component of the work. By devoting more time to analysis, the energy engineer can find ways to use energy more efficiently, find inefficient and / or redundant consumers.

Data analysis allows you:

  • to determine what consumers are connected
  • to find out the energy used by the consumer
  • to discover unnecessary consumers
  • find out commercial production costs
  • plan real and necessary energy efficiency measures!

To create an accounting system, counters and data infrastructure development are needed. The products of the Italian manufacturer SENECA are perfect for these tasks.

It is possible to find everything necessary for the creation of a complete energy monitoring system. Starting from simple power monitors, using current or analog outputs to professional network analyzers, we can analyze THD, PF, Harmonics, etc. in addition to consumption data.

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