ZTF Lāsma turns 30 in the automation industry

May 27, 2022
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SIA “Zinātniski Tehniskā firma LĀSMA” was established on 27 May 1992. The company was founded by the employees of Riga Polytechnic Institute - Jānis Kuzmins, Uģis Ivbulis and Andris Jansons, who combined their strengths and knowledge gained during their studies to turn their experience into a new and exciting adventure.

The enthusiasm and unwavering desire of the company’s employees to learn created the conditions for establishing innovative solutions and fruitful collaboration. SIA “ZTF Lāsma” cooperated with local industrial companies from the very beginning. As a result of getting to know their needs, different types of devices were developed for industrial automation needs.

The initial goal of the engineering team was to develop electronic protection devices for electric motors, but later the range was supplemented by temperature and level controllers with sensors. These were followed by reactive power compensation control units, depth pump control units and other process automation solutions.

As time went by and large foreign manufacturers entered the market, the role of research and electronics development decreased. However, the experience gained allowed the company to develop a strong direction in the design and development of solutions for industrial automation processes. The “ZTF Lāsma” team has long developed competencies in the industrial automation industry and has established a strong group of partners, which ensures the supply of high-end products to Baltic industrial companies. Many leading manufacturers of automation solutions and components such as Siemens, Sick, Schneider Electric and others have selected the company as their representative in Latvia and the Baltic states.

This year marks 30 years since the company was established. Over the years, the company has become a place where opportunities, knowledge and an unwavering desire to develop meet - both for the team of the company and also for the partners and loyal customers. For three decades, we have worked alongside the development of industrial production in the Baltic countries and have kept pace with the latest development trends. This has provided opportunities for our customers to grow, along with modernising the internal work processes of the company. Experiencing the change in the generations of the company’s founders, the company has been able to keep up with the times, continue its journey and improve in order to provide its services to customers at the highest level.

The employees of SIA “ZTF LĀSMA” strive for perfection and finding the best solutions on a daily basis. And just like scientists, our employees are characterised by an unwavering curiosity, as well as a desire to find solutions and gain experience! The founder of the company Jānis Kuzmins has stated: “There is no future without engineers.”

Just like it has done in the past, LĀSMA plans to maintain close ties with educational institutions where engineering can also be learnt in future. Each year, several students are given an opportunity to undergo an internship to be able to learn about the benefits of automation, a good work culture, and world-class automation solutions.

The current management team of the company looks into the future, the opportunities it provides and directs the company towards development and growth in order to fulfil the company’s mission in the future: “To increase the competitiveness and efficiency of production and development companies in the Baltic states.”

If you need more information about the company, contact the management of ZTF Lāsma. We are here to provide support!

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Lauris Bērziņš
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