Energy-efficient pump control with Optidrive ECO

September 27, 2022
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Energy-efficient pump control with Optidrive ECO-0

Frequency converters Optidrive Eco are equipped with modern Optiflow technology, which is developed for pump control systems. Optiflow technology makes it much faster and easier to control, adjust and repair pumps. Can be used in systems with 1 to 5 pumps with closed pressure or flow feedback. Optidrive Eco is an easy-to-configure frequency converter that can provide the necessary system operation even without the use of an external controller.

For "Cascade mode" control, it is necessary to connect a pressure sensor to the frequency converter, which will measure the pressure in the required place. The system uses only the necessary amount of pumps to provide pressure within a specified range. The frequency converter automatically adapts to the system - when the water flow increases, the pumps automatically turn on, and when the water flow decreases, they turn off.

The system is flexible and protected (including dry operation). In any of the situations where drive shutdown is required, the system will automatically reconfigure and continue to operate with the remaining available pumps, even if the leading Master frequency converter is de-energized, the system will continue to operate only with slave drives.

Application of Optidrive Eco:

  • pump system control;
  • prevention of pump downtime;
  • detection of pipe damage;
  • Optiflow multi-pump control;
  • cascade management;
  • energy monitoring.

Technical parameters:

  • power: 0.75 – 250kW,
  • supply voltage: 200V – 600V,
  • housing type: IP20, IP55 & IP66/NEMA 4X protection,
  • working temperature: -10... 50°C,
  • universal fasteners for quick installation,
  • service interval timer included IP20, IP55 and IP66/NEMA 4X Outdoor

Key benefits of Optiflow technology:

  • maximum energy savings;
  • constant monitoring of pumps;
  • uniform operation time of each pump;
  • automatic self-configuration of the system in case of emergency;
  • convenient switching on/off of pumps in manual or automatic mode;
  • flexible clogging/blocking monitoring (for submersible pumps);
  • automatic cleaning cycle start function (for submersible pumps);
  • easy to set - with the help of one parameter.

Invertek Drives ECO Series models are an economical and practical solution for pump systems. Built-in Optiflow technology enables multi-pump control with interconnected inventories without PLCs or expensive pump control systems. Invertek Drives frequency converters continue to pleasantly surprise their customers with their energy efficiency and investment payback period.

If you need Invertek Drives frequency converters or accessories, contact the specialists of ZTF Lāsma, who will help you find the most suitable and economically advantageous solution. We are here to support!

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