Save up to 5000 EUR per year with SICK sensors

October 25, 2022
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Save up to 5000 EUR per year with SICK sensors-0

As the prices of energy resources are rising rapidly, many of us are actively looking for answers to the questions of how to reduce the costs of energy resources in our company, and how to prevent production downtime and unplanned repairs. If you use compressed air systems in the production process, then this article is for you.

In order to optimize electricity consumption, it is important to monitor the technical condition of your production equipment. According to various studies, many manufacturers still waste about 30% of the compressed air they produce. This makes compressed air one of the most expensive sources of energy in manufacturing companies.

Typical sources of leaks tend to be damaged lines, hoses, fittings, valves and bolted or flanged connections. Considering the increase in energy costs, even a small hole of 3 mm in a compressed air system can lead to additional electricity costs. Save up to 5000 EUR per year with SICK sensors.

In order for compressed air leaks to be detected and repaired as quickly as possible, timely maintenance must be provided. One of the world leaders in sensor production, SICK has created products for the detection of compressed air leaks - the FTMg flow meter and the PAC50 LT - compressed air pressure sensor. In the following article, we will provide a brief technical description and main advantages of these two products.

SICK FTMg compressed air flow meter

Simultaneously measure flow, pressure, and temperature, as well as calculate and output up to eight process parameters: flow speed, flow volume, cumulative volume, mass flow, cumulative mass, energy consumption, current pressure, and temperature.In addition, internal data logging for seven days of measurement data and integrated statistical evaluation help detect even the smallest leaks in the pneumatic system.

SICK PAC50 LT- compressed air pressure sensor

A regular pressure switch with two digital outputs and one analog output, as well as an additional integrated leak test function that checks the pressure drop within certain limits and over a certain period of time.

The cost of the sensor could be recovered in 1 month

Key advantages and benefits:

  • Guaranteed reduction of consumed electricity;
  • Effective saving of long-term financial resources;
  • Accurate detection of compressed air leaks;
  • Reliable production process;
  • The constant quality of the produced products.

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