VIDEO: Leakage detection in compressed air systems with the SICK FTMg and PAC50 LT

July 26, 2022
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VIDEO: Leakage detection in compressed air systems with the SICK FTMg and PAC50 LT-0

In factory automation, compressed air is the most expensive form of energy. Energy management in accordance with iso5001 is therefore playing an increasingly important role. In order to save costs, you have to ensure that leaks are detected as quickly as possible. The solutions offered by the manufacturer SICK with a video presentation for detecting compressed air leakages are discussed below.

1. SICK FTMg compressed air flow meter with leakage detection

The SICK FTMg compressed air flow meter can simultaneously measure flow, pressure, and temperature, as well as calculate and output up to eight process parameters: flow speed, flow volume, cumulative volume, mass flow, cumulative mass, energy consumption, current pressure, and temperature. OLED color display provides a clear representation in the form of text and a process diagram of two measured values at the same time.

The SICK FTMg flow sensor has high measurement dynamics, which allows detecting even low-pressure losses. In addition, internal data logging over seven days and integrated static evaluation help to detect even the smallest leaks in the pneumatic system.

Technical specification:

SICK FTMG Industrial version:

  • Power supply 17...30VDC;
  • 1x analog output + 1x digital output + 1x configurable output;
  • IO-link communication,
  • Nominal pipe diameters: DN15, DN20, DN25;
  • Pressure range: 0… 16 bar;
  • Temperature range: -20… 60 ° C.

SICK FTMG Ethernet version:

  • Power supply Power over Ethernet (PoE),
  • Integrated web-server,
  • Nominal pipe diameters: DN15, DN20, DN25;
  • Pressure range: 0… 16 bar;
  • Temperature range: -20… 60 ° C.

2. SICK PAC50 LT  (Leakage Tester) - compressed air pressure sensor

A more cost-effective alternative to the SICK FTMg flow meter is the SICK PAC50 LT compressed air pressure sensor. It can be used as a normal pressure switch with 2 digital outputs and 1 analog output, as well as an additional integrated leak test function that checks the pressure drop within certain limits and over a certain period of time. The SICK PAC50 LT sensor is intended for use in smaller compressed air networks and their zones, or even for individual end users of networks and equipment.

By setting two pressure thresholds p1 and p2, as well as the desired measurement duration t-out, it is possible to check whether a closed compressed air system or a certain consumer has an observable pressure drop and an air leak. The measurement can be started by pressing a button on the sensor or by remotely applying a signal to the digital input (input signal at Q1).

If the pressure in the system drops below the upper threshold p1, the measured time is started until the lower level threshold p2 is exceeded or until the end of the set measurement time (t-out). If the pressure does not reach the set lower threshold p2 within the specified time, the display color does not change and remains green. If the pressure drops below the lower threshold p2, the display color changes to red, indicating a serious leakage in the system.

After the measurement in the bottom line of the display are displayed the measurement values: the measured time value dT, the pressure drop dP, as well as the leakage rate QL. Optionally, one of these values can be set as the analog output of the sensor. The measurement parameters are freely configurable in the sensor settings using push buttons.

Factory settings:

  • p1 = 0.6 bar;
  • p2 = 0.4 bar;
  • tout = 30 sec;
  • PVOL = 0.0 liters;
  • QA = dT.

Technical specification:

  • Measuring range: -1 bar..10 bar,
  • Process temperature: 0°C..+60°C,
  • Process connection: 2 x G ¼ (female),
  • Electrical connection: M12 5-pin connector.

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