VIDEO: How to Transfer Tags to Weintek HMI and Codeys PLC in 5 min?

July 29, 2022
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An important aspect in the selection of the I/O module is not only the actual input/output and expansion capabilities, but also the convenient further integration into the system from the point of view of the HMI visualization developer and PLC programmer. Often the configuration of I/O modules and I/O Mapping can take a significant amount of project time.

With Weintek I/O modules you can keep this time to a minimum. With EasyRemote I/O configuration software, you can create your specific input/output module combination and get the corresponding import files even without physical modules.

In this video you will see iR-ETN40R:

  • configuration software EasyRemote IO;
  • TAG file export for EasyBuilder Pro;
  • I/O Mapping file export for Codesys;
  • connection to Weintek HMI and Codesys PLC.

With the iR-RTN40R you get:

  • Modbus TCP/IP and Ethernet IP communication
  • 24 digital inputs of which 4 fast inputs 20 kHz (for encoders and pulse counters)
  • 16 relay outputs 2A
  • Expansion options with iR-series modules
  • Input output Mapping file for importing Codesys (PLCopenXML), EDS for Ethernet IP
  • EasyBuilerPro Tag file for easy programming in the Weintek HMI visualization development environment.

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