ONLINE SESSION: How to use Codesys controller with Weintek HMI panel?

January 19, 2022
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In today's modern age, process automation is unthinkable without a controller and visualization panel. These devices allow us to control and manage the process according to our assigned technology and quality criteria.

The PLC takes care of the process control according to the algorithm, and the HMI allows us to view the status of the process execution and restore the set parameters. Traditionally, PLCs and HMIs are two different devices, but there are also manufacturers that offer these cases together.

Weintek- HMI manufacturer with more than two decades of experience in the industry is  offering HMI with activatable Codesys PLC functionality. All you need to activate the controller is to enter the Codesys activation code, and your HMI also becomes a PLC. The Weintek cMT-X series panel with activated Codesys PLC part is a compact and convenient solution for process control and visualization

In this online session you will see:

  • How Weintek HMI and PLC work in one device.
  • How to get started and create a project.
  • Weintek and Akytec I / O connection via Modbus TCP / IP.
  • Transfer of tags to the HMI part.


Thursday, January 27, at 13.30


If you need additional information about the Weintek HMI as a Codesys controller, contact the ZTF Lāsma online session manager who will answer your questions. We are here to support! 


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