New expandable I/O module iR-ETN40R from Weintek

May 3, 2022
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New expandable  I/O module iR-ETN40R from Weintek-0

Compact and easily expandable remote input/output modules allow you to flexibly build an automation architecture, saving resources during the design, installation and procurement phases.

Weintek's new iR-ETN40R modbus TCP/IP and Ethernet IP-enabled I/O module with 24 digital inputs, 16 relay outputs and expansion options gives you both a technical and cost-effective solution. Expansion with iR series digital, analog inputs/outputs and temperature inputs.

 With the iR-RTN40R you get:

  • Modbus TCP/IP and Ethernet IP communication
  • 24 digital inputs of which 4 fast inputs 20 kHz (for encoders and pulse counters)
  • 16 relay outputs 2A
  • Expansion options with iR-series modules
  • Built-in STOP OUTPUT function, with 1 digital input can stop all relay outputs
  • Input output Mapping file for importing Codesys (PLCopenXML), EDS for Ethernet IP
  • EasyBuilerPro Tag file for easy programming in the Weintek HMI visualization development environment.


With the iR-ETN40R you can be more efficient!


If you need Weintek iR-ETN40R, contact ZTF Lāsma specialists who will help you find the most suitable and cost-effective solution. We are here to support!


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