VIDEO tutorial: SICK Power Prox distance sensors advantages

February 9, 2022
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PowerProx distance sensors, thanks to Time-of-flight technology, provides reliable object detection at high sensing ranges up to 3.8 meters and large detection angles up to 80 degrees wide even with jet-black or shiny object and surfaces.

The following video tutorials will provide information and will prove key advantages of PowerProx distance sensors:

  1. Easy adjustment
  2. Detection of different surfaces - even over a large detection angle
  3. Detection of flat objects
  4. Detection of small targets and gaps
  5. Ambient light immunity


Where other photoelectric sensors fail, PowerProx Distance Sensors will detect your objects.

For stock sensors, we give you the opportunity to carry out tests at your own site and see the advantages of Power Prox sensors and their suitability for your application!

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