The Optiport and Optipad remote keypads from Invertek Drives

June 16, 2022
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The Optiport and Optipad remote keypads from Invertek Drives-0

The Optiport and Optipad remote keypads from Invertek Drives are a control panel for Invertek Optidrive Frequency Converters that allow controlling, monitoring and configurating drive. Up to 63 devices can be read and the maximum distance between the frequency converter and remote keypads is 25m. Applicable to any of P2, Eco, E3 and Elevator Frequency Converters.

Remote Keypads

  • Provides real-time operating information display and parameter access
  • Communicates with frequency converters
  • LED, OLED, TFT Multi-Language Text Display available
  • Protection class for front panel IP54, IP55
  • Auto search function

Three types of the remote mounting keypads are available for the Optidrive Range.

Optiport 2 (OPT-2-OPORT-IN) is a low-cost, LED keypad, which mimics the drive display and keypad function. It provides access to all drive parameters (which can be locked if required to prevent unauthorized access). Optiport 2 also provides a remote display of drive operating information, such as output frequency and current, and can also display user-defined scaled values, e.g. conveyor speed in meters per minute.

Optipad 2 (OPT-2-OPPAD-IN) provides the same functions, whilst adding an OLED multi-language text display. Up to three monitored values can be displayed simultaneously. All parameters are accessible, with the ability to lock access if required. Parameter names are displayed as plain text, with adjustments easily carried out.

Optipad 3 (OPT-3-OPPAD-IN) is a high-quality TFT display offering an increased display resolution of 240 x 120 pixels. It can display 34 characters wide and offers improved translations and parameter descriptions.


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