How to work at the speed of light with Tosibox?

September 1, 2022
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How to work at the speed of light with Tosibox?-0

The fast pace of everyday life, both in and out of the industry, often forces you to be in several places at the same time, or at least in different cities within half an hour. We are forced to look for solutions that would allow us to travel at the "speed of light", making service much faster and simpler in the company's production facilities and elsewhere in the internal network. The Finnish company Tosibox has thought about such solution options.

In the following article, you will learn how it is possible to use Tosibox and simultaneously manage jobs from several locations around the world. Video materials are added at the end of the article, with the help of which you will learn much faster how to establish a remote connection with Siemens PLC, Weintek HMI and Codesys PLC equipment

With Tosibox remote access solutions, you can travel at the ''speed of light''. Imagine that now you are debugging a Siemens PLC in a factory in Liepāja and a minute later you are reloading a Weintek visualization project in Daugavpils. In reality, you are in Riga and you are sitting on a soft sofa with a hot coffee cup  and a cat next to you, which is indirectly trying to damage the laptop's power cord.

So what exactly is Tosibox?

Tosibox is a uniquely designed remote access platform that allows you to create an encrypted VPN tunnel in a matter of minutes. In addition, without requiring specific knowledge in the field of IT or a specialized Internet connection. At the moment, this is definitely one of the best solutions available on the global market to implement remote control and monitoring of networks, remote data collection and acquisition, as well as remote access to equipment and systems.

Especially noticeable information is  that Tosibox has developed the world's first remote access device with Plug & Go™ technology, which has become commonplace for many companies in Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

Application of Tosibox:

  • For remote programming and debugging of factory and building automation  PLCs, HMIs
  • For  remote acess  PLC and HMI data  for  SCADA systems and Cloud platforms.
  • For exchanging data between remote databases.
  • For remote monitoring of IP cameras and other network devices

What is needed to create your first VPN tunnel?

  • Tosibox LOCK router
  • Tosibox USB key
  • Internet connection
  • a few minutes of your time

Main advantages of Tosibox

By using Tosibox, you will be able to react in the shortest time, provide the highest level of service to the client and at the same time increase your efficiency and reduce costs. Just like the ''speed of light'', you have the ability to connect to the system in a flash, debug, monitor the process and start the devices, regardless of the geographical location of the devices.


Other articles and videos on Tosibox architecture, principles of operation and remote connection to Siemens PLC and other equipment:




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