Starting a research project

April 14, 2020
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Starting a research project-0

IT competence center in accordance with the Central Finance and Agreement of 9 May 2019
agency contract no. implements the project “Information and
Communication Technology Competence Center ”.
In April, we start working on a large-scale study, where LASMA as a cooperation partner together with conpany  WeAreDots starts research and experimental work of the research project "Multi-object detection and tracking for vehicle traffic monitoring: 3D-LiDAR and camera data integration".

The aim of the study is to develop real-time technology for simultaneous detection and tracking of several vehicles, recording of their movement events and traffic planning using 3D laser scanning and camera data combination.

During the industrial study, a model of a 3D laser scanning and video camera system will be developed to overcome lighting changes, shadow disturbance, and object occlusion (overlap) problems in real-time detection and tracking of multiple vehicles.

In turn, during the experimental development, a prototype will be developed for the validation of real-time detection and tracking technology of several vehicles using LiDAR and camera combined data.

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund Operational Programs
"Growth and employment" 1.2.1. specific support objective "Increase private
Sector investment in R&D "Measure" Support for new products and technologies
within centers of excellence.

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