We are extending the range of products with WEINTEK HMI panels

January 27, 2020
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We are extending the range of products with WEINTEK HMI panels-0

Weintek HMI panels are distinguished by their availability, performance and configuration capabilities. User

positive feedback is the main reason for LASMA adding Weintek products to our portfolio.

The most popular models are in our warehouse. We also provide training, experience and support and these are our main advantages.

Weintek's intuitive visualization development and configuration environment EasyBuilder Pro will help you realize your ideas faster, cheaper, and better. In addition, the development software is available for free from the download link below.

We have a dating offer and a special support program for new users.

By purchasing the MT8071iE 7.0 ”TFT LCD panel for a special 2020 introductory price, you will be able to participate in one of the "Weintek start" 4h training programs that will take place during 2020.

Weintek HMI panels fall into the following series:

iP series

4,3 -10,1" TFT LCD, 600 MHz Cortex A8

EMT 3000

7,0-15''  TFT LCD, Cortex A8 1GHz/800MHz RISC , Ethernet

MT8000 IE

4,3 -10,1" TFT LCD, 600MHz Cortex A8, Ethernet

MT8000 XE

9,7 -15 " TFT LCD, 1GHz Cortex A8, Ethernet


Unlike most HMIs, the products in this series are visualization servers that allow visualization and control to be displayed on other devices (mobile phones, tablets), TV screens or WEB panels.

-600MHz ARM Cortex A8

-1x or 2xGBit Ethernet,

-OPC Srv

-WiFi (depending on model)

Contact the ZTF Lasma team to find out more or try out the products!

Code: MT8102iE
In stock: 5+ pcs
393.40 EUR (w/o VAT)
562.00 EUR
Pēteris Žerbiņš
Pēteris Žerbiņš
PLC / HMI / Interface Technology
+371 2860 3305

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