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November 13, 2023
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Inadequate safety conditions remain a major problem across Europe. However advanced and automated our working environments may be, we must not ignore basic safety aspects. Accidents in the working environment are most often caused by disregard for safety at work. They can cause not only physical and moral suffering, but also significant economic losses for both the worker and the company. By taking timely care of a safe working environment, potential risks and financial losses can be avoided. To achieve this, we recommend the introduction of sirens and signal lights for a safe working environment. This is one of the quickest and most effective ways to warn of potential danger situations and to provide clear information on potential risks and hazards.

The wide range of applications for sirens and signal lights

Here are some examples of how flares and sirens are used for safety purposes. They are increasingly being used in many industries to improve safety levels and warn of potential danger situations

  • In industry - used to indicate potentially hazardous conditions or situations, such as when certain equipment is switched on or off. This helps to alert personnel to potential risks.
  • In fire safety systems - installed to warn of the presence of fire or smoke in residential buildings, offices and industrial sites. Signal lights are usually equipped with audible signals to reinforce the warning.
  • Evacuation procedures - are used to announce the need to start evacuation procedures in a particular building or area. These lamps usually emit a bright light and may be equipped with a message indicating what to do in the event of an evacuation.
  • In construction - used to indicate compliance with safety regulations and other warnings. It should be mentioned that the construction industry has the highest accident risk worldwide.
  • In medical facilities - used in hospitals and other medical facilities, and incorporated into various types of devices or equipment to inform staff of emergencies such as a patient's cardiac arrest or other critical situations.
  • In vehicles - used on cars, motorcycles and bicycles and other vehicles.
  • On railways - used on railway systems to indicate train movements and safety in the vicinity of the railway.
  • In maritime navigation - used on ships and on lighthouses to help ships determine position and direction.

As a reminder, sirens and flares can be used in virtually any industry. If we are motivated and responsible for our own and others' health and safety, we will all have a safe and healthy working environment.

As safety is a priority for ZTF Lāsma, we actively cooperate with the manufacturer Sirena and offer up-to-date products. To make sure that each of us understands exactly what solution you need, we offer you the opportunity to see and connect the device of your choice on site at our stand.

Unbeatable 50 years of experience for siren and signal lights manufacturer Sirena

SIRENAIn 1974, Alberto Garnerone founded Sirena. Within a few years, the new company became a benchmark in the sound and light industry.

In 1975, the Rotallarm was invented. It was highly appreciated by the market and perceived as a revolutionary product. It is still widely used around the world today.

Sirena is a company with a wealth of experience in sirens and flares, sold in more than 70 countries and distributed by more than 100 partners, including our company ZTF Lāsma. Since Sirena was founded, it has produced more than 50 million devices, making Sirena a major player in the industry. The manufacturer has developed 8 product lines for different sectors, ranging from traffic lights and industrial lights to products for explosive atmospheres and evacuation alarms. The company is constantly looking to the future and pursuing important strategic objectives aimed at continued growth in international markets.

8 industrial series for safe working environments



Series of sound and light signalling equipment for industrial plant, machinery and electrical panels

Sirena MLINE


Modular series of sound and light signaling devices providing multifunctional solutions



Designed for the automation industry

Sirena FOUR


Offers LED indicators for access point and internal road management



Signal lights for various types of work vehicles

Sirena EXPRO


Explosion-proof ATEX devices



Warning and evacuation systems

Sirena ICARO


Aircraft warning lights

Sirena product breakdown


Acoustic devices (sirens and bells)
  • Electronic sirens
  • Beepers (buzzer)
  • Control panel devices
  • Electromechanical devices
  • Replacement signals
  • Horns
  • Bells
  • Backup signals
Visual devices (signal lights)
  • Led panel lights
  • Temporary signal lights
  • Multifunctional signal lights
  • Technical signal lights (machinery devices)
  • Industriālās bākugunis
  • Vadības paneļa signāllampas
  • Industrial traffic lights
  • Access control beacons
  • Linear signal lights
  • Hoistway signal lights
  • Signalling lights for construction machines
  • Light bars
  • Work lamps
  • Light torches and lamps
Visual and acoustic devices
  • Electronic sirens
  • Machinery devices
  • Beepers (buzzer)
  • Control panel devices
  • Access control devices
  • Horns
  • Electromechanical devices
Signal towers (traffic lights)
  • Light modules
  • Acoustic modules
  • Wiring modules
  • Access control devices


3 great examples for safe working environments

Sirena modular signal towers

For many years, the Sirena AUTOMAX line has been the reference point for alarm devices. They have been developed for industrial automation. In addition to the series developed by Sirena ELYPS, TWS and LUXOR, an even wider range of options is now offered with the EOS series. It provides intelligent solutions for all alarm needs. Sirena


  • Smooth design - prevents dirt build-up on the surface;
  • Suitable for environments with high brightness - thanks to transparent coloured glass;
  • Excellent light distribution at 360°High water protection - IP69K
  • Versatile wiring - NPN/PNP
  • Up to 5 light modules + audible signal2 sound levels for acoustic modules
  • Smart Factory 4.0 network capabilities


The SIR TOUCH series has a variable volume range from 74 dB to 120 dB. The series has 6 different volume levels and offers 64 different tones. They are suitable for different applications such as evacuation, fire safety and various ISO standards. Thanks to the IP68 rating, it can be installed both outdoors and indoors. Available in 4 versions with and without LED lights. The design allows aesthetic application of the siren in public places such as supermarkets, schools and other facilities. It should be emphasised that there is no need to open the siren itself to change the sound tone. Touch buttons are provided for easy parameter setting without the intervention of a screwdriver. Sirena

Panel-mounted indication P50: 

  • 7 different light effects;
  • Variable sound tones;
  • IP66 rating;
  • Vibration-resistant housing;
  • Panel-mountable through M22 mm hole if different indication lights/buttons need to be replaced;
  • 50 mm head diameter;
  • RGB models with different colours available in one module.

Siren LED signal lights E-LITE

E-LITE is an LED alarm device available in 5 colours with uniform light diffusion. Thanks to the built-in LED technology, the manufacturer guarantees a lifetime of up to 100 000 h. Available with QC M12 connector (E-LITE LED QC M12) or with 1 metre cable (E-LITE LED CABLE). The mounting or fixing is made for maximum efficiency. No additional fixing or support is required. Sirena


  • High impact resistant housing - IK06;
  • Suitable for outdoor use thanks to IP66 protection;
  • Effective screw fixing (screws not included);
  • Transparent lens with coloured LED light source (14 LEDs);
  • Perfect 360° light distribution - thanks to the vertically aligned reflector;
  • 5 colours available;
  • 24 VDC power supply;
  • M12 4 pin connector.

Why choose Sirena sirens and siren lights?

  • Quickly available - in our warehouse in Riga;
  • Can be checked in person as they are connected to the stand;
  • Convenient power supply - 24 VDC or 240 VAC;
  • Wide range of sound and light options;
  • Easily mounted at 180 or 90 degrees;
  • Based on LED technology;
  • Quick technical assistance.
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