Safety for automatic window, gate and door systems

May 2, 2019
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Ever increasing standards for energy balance, safety and design in building technology have resulted in the increased automation of doors, gates and windows. Whether for controlled natural ventilation, smoke and heat venting or barrier-free access: centrally controlled or automatically operating façade elements have become an integral part of modern building technology. In addition to user-friendly features, automatically controlled window and facade elements must also guarantee the safety of people in the building. Depending on the installation situation and the particular use, there is a potential danger to people and property during the closing of automatically controlled doors, gates and windows.

Mayser offers pressure-sensitive protection devices that respond quickly to protect dangerous areas reliably and independent of interfering factors such as light, dirt or weather influences. This provides for maximum safety.

Different contact strips can be used depending on the installation situation:

  • Sensor profiles
  • Safety edges
  • Miniature safety edges

Electrically operated windows and gates are also considered machines in accordance with the Machinery Directive and are therefore subject to special safety requirements. Safety components from Mayser are tested in accordance with EN 12978 and/or EN ISO 13849 and/or EN ISO 13856 and thus comply with the safety-related requirements of the Machinery Directive.

If someone is in the danger zone while the door or gate is closing, a pressure-sensitive sensor is triggered.  The control system stops or reverses the automatic closing motion. We offer pressure-sensitive protection devices for main and secondary closing edges for:

  • Folding gates
  • Roller gates / sectional gates
  • Sliding gates
  • Louvred windows / power-operated windows
  • Toll gates
  • Swing doors

Safety Edges is available as a customized purchase or as a standard size piece which can be applied to your system during assembly. There are demo versions available for viewing at LASMA's office.

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