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SENECA B-alarm

2019-05-01 14:43:09

B-ALARM is a GSM device designed for remote management of alarms in homes, buildings, plants, production machines through simple commands sent with SMS messages. Basic Alarm Unit with 1DI, 1DO and SMS commands support. With any smartphone it is possible to control the boiler on and off, activate a contact, etc. The device is equipped with a GSM module inside it that behaves like any other telephone terminal on a cellular network. The unit allows to operate with commands at zero cost through ringing as well as with fast commands with numerical code and timed. It also has 1 digital input and 1 SPDT output relay with a capacity of 3 A / 250 Vac. B-ALARM can count on a 5-user command book (1 of which is an administrator) and a SIM phone book extended to up to 250 users (commands by ringing). Online configuration is ensured by the EASY SETUP plug&play software and partially remotely via SMS.

MyAlarm2 is a GSM / GPRS telecontrol unit for home & building applications, industrial plants and machines thorugh simple commands sent by SMS text messages, phone rings, emails. It operates with any cell phone or smartphone. With MyAlarm2 is possible to switch a boiler on / off, turn a contact on / off and etc. The device has a GSM / GPRS module inside that works as a telephone terminal on any cellular network. 
*MYALARM2 settings made with earlier versions of EASY MYALARM2 3.12 may not be compatible with the latest version.


  • Automatic systems: gates, garage doors, shutters, barriers
  • boilers and hvac systems control
  • alarms management for aqueduct network
  • technica l plants monitoring
  • anti-intrusion systems
  • anti flood systems
  • water losses and consumption monitoring
  • coldrooms, freezers & chillers control
  • automatic irrigation systems
  • pumps rotation
  • boat control
  • swimming pool control
  • voltage stability control
  • photovoltaic panels and energy conmsumption monitoring
  • fiber optic continuity testing
  • access and presence control systems