Replacing Pixsys ATR243-31ABC with ATR244

May 22, 2019
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Replacing Pixsys ATR243-31ABC with ATR244-0

We would like to inform you that in the near future ATR243-31ABC will be completely replaced by ATR244 and we recommend to choose the new series of parametric controllers already.

The ATR243-31ABC was special with its functionality, which included 3x relay output, analog signal backup / transmission function, SSR control and much more.

But time goes by developing technology and changing market requirements. Pixsys products have always been user-friendly, full of possibilities and reliable. Also, the new ATR244 is no exception.

We've already described the features of the new series controller, but some of them will be rementioned now. It can clearly be said that ATR244 meets the requirements of a modern user. It is supported by the following technical parameters:

  • Size 48x48x105mm and LED Display
  • change settings and configuration using mobile application (NFC / RFID),
  • one or two channel analog inputs
  • analogue output
  • universal feeding
  • RS485 / Modbus communication.

Come and get acquainted with the new controller in our office!

Code: ATR24412ABC
In stock: 5+ pcs
148.50 EUR (w/o VAT)
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