3 experiential days at the SPS 2022 exhibition

December 6, 2022
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3 experiential days at the SPS 2022 exhibition-0

Just a week ago, our ZTF LĀSMA colleagues returned full of inspiration from the SPS 2022 exhibition in Germany. Lauris Bērziņš, Mārtiņš Trokša and Juris Vuškāns visited the city of Nuremberg. This exhibition brings together the largest number of professionals in our industry to get to know the latest automation products and solutions in the field of technical equipment. In the continuation of the article, you will learn a little more about SPS, as well as reveal the brightest impressions of colleagues from what they saw at the exhibition.

What is SPS 2022?

SPS, or Smart Production Solutions in its full name, is the leading international trade fair for industrial automation, providing a comprehensive overview of the latest innovations and trends in Germany and abroad. The SPS 2022 exhibition ran from November 8 to 10. The theme of this year's SPS exhibition was Bringing Automation to Life.

What are the impressions of our colleagues about the SPS exhibition?

Colleagues emphasize that it was three days full of innovations. In-depth conversations with cooperation partners and familiarization with new products and solutions created an unparalleled atmosphere. This exhibition hides something unforgettable and special - these are innovations!

At this exhibition, you could see that some of the brands we represent, such as Sirena, Autonics, SICK, Invertek Drives, Pixsys, Siemens, Schneider Electric, SIKO, stand out with new and innovative products that our customers will also be able to get acquainted with very soon. 

Colleague Juris Vuškāns says that during the exhibition a great insight was gained into current and future trends in the industrial automation industry. Emphasis was placed on:

  • product application,
  • the implementation of certain solutions,
  • industrial equipment and sensor data collection,
  • data processing - information visualization,
  • maintenance and repair forecasting,
  • advantages of virtual solutions.

My colleague Mārtiņš Trokša also comments on what he saw at the exhibition. "This exhibition gave an excellent picture of what is currently relevant in automation and what awaits us in the coming years. The biggest impression and emphasis is on data processing, remote access possibilities and their visualization. Of course, not only the products themselves were presented, but also the solutions. met not only large companies, such as Schneider Electric or Siemens, but also many smaller ones that are trying to conquer the market with their knowledge and solutions. I also wish for our company to become a participant in this exhibition."

Lauris Bērziņš, the head of our company ZTF LĀSMA, believes that there are undoubtedly trends that indicate the digitization of industrial automation and its fusion with IT solutions, starting with virtualization of processes, development of simulations and up to making the right decisions. Using the available technologies for data acquisition and processing, it will be possible not only to make the best decisions, but also to promote a more environmentally friendly production process.

Thanks to the organizers of the exhibition! Greetings to the cooperation partners met during the exhibition! May productivity grow for all of us!

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