cMT-3102X HMI with WiFi expansion capability

October 5, 2021
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cMT-3102X HMI with WiFi expansion capability-0

  Weintek expands its product range and brings additional benefits to customers with new products

  The new cMT-3102X 10'' is the first modular visualization panel in the Weintek product range, which can be optionaly supplemented with a WiFi communication module. In this way, Weintek enhances the cMT-3102x's wireless connectivity in an industrial environment.

What you get with cMT-3102X:

  • Optional Wireless Communication Module Support - M02 (IEEE802.11b / g / n) gives you the benefits of wireless communication
  • HMI with duo Etehernet ports 
  • Powerful device with 4-core processor - for  computing and graphics processing
  • Extensive software, device and feature support - Siemens MPI, CanBus, Java Script objects, OPC UA, MQTT, SQL, Codesys EasyAccess2.0, etc
  • Free software for visualization development.



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