Connect your factory to Global network with Weintek G-series IIoT Gateways

February 15, 2021
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Connect your factory  to Global network  with Weintek G-series IIoT Gateways-0

Fast and accurate data exchange between the parties involved in the business process allows to react strategically and efficiently to the smales  changes in production, sales, planning, etc. processes. What  in turn is a good foundation for a successful existence in a business environment. 


Nowadays in age of modern information technology, requirements for: 

  •  PLC data access  
  •  Their Integration in to other platforms  
  • access in local network and on ''Cloud''  
  • data safety     

are already practically by default.  

We have a solution  for it. 

  • Want to integrate your plant into the global  network (IIoT) and access to PLC data on  Cloud and in your local network

  •  Want to collect factory  PLC data in one place and see  all of then in one SCADA system without breaking your head about different communication protocols

  • Or you just want to further process PLC data with Python, C ++Javascript or other ? 

Then  Weintek G Series "IIOT Gateway" is the solution for You. 


What you acquire with the G-Serie?

  • OPC UA built in Server/client  (licenset)
  • MQTT   (AWS IoT, Sparfkplug B, Azure IoT Hub, Google Cloud Iot Core)
  • Flexible application with 300+ supported protocols 
  • Convenient integration into your automation system via Etherenet, WiFi and Com interfaces
  • Simple and understandable configuration interface via EasyBuilder Pro or Webserver
  • Industrial design, compact Din rail mounting device  


 For information  

 On Februrary 26th there will be   ZOOM  online session  ''Firtss steps with Weintek G series IIot Gateway ''    ( In Latvian langage) 


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Pēteris Žerbiņš
Pēteris Žerbiņš
PLC / HMI / Interface Specialist
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