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April 14, 2023
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Data concentrator for convenient data monitoring from Weintek-0

As HMI visualization panels and technologies evolve, the divide between industrial and IT networks is becoming easier to cross. Connecting to HMI visualization with a computer or smartphone is nothing new. The amazing thing is that it is now possible to use it using the most common Internet browser. Forget about installing specialized software on your device! It is the past. In this article, we offer to learn that the data concentrator allows you to easily perform data monitoring.

With the existing data concentrator cMT-SVR-100/200, Weintek surprises the visualization industry with a compact HMI panel. It works in server mode, creating an industrial communication architecture. Over the years, the cMT-SVR data concentrator has become a popular choice among visualization developers. It has gained its popularity due to its compact design and wide range of supported protocols.

With the new generation cMT-SVRX-820/822 data concentrator version, the performance and functionality of cMT-SVR devices is raised to the highest level that Weintek can provide. With built-in OPC UA, MQTT protocol and database server support, the data concentrator will simply connect your automation side with the IT side. Support for JavaScript objects will allow further expansion of data exchange and conversion possibilities. In addition to more convenient data processing, the new generation cMT-SVRX allows you to connect to and control the visualization using the most common web browser.

Application of Weintek cMT-SVRX-820/822:

  • PLC and I/O equipment data visualization and recording.
  • For remote access to connected devices (PLC, I/O).
  • Protocol conversion, configurable as Modbus server, OPC UA server.
  • PLC functionality by activating the Codesys license.

Technical parameters:

  • Compact IP20 polymer housing, mountable on 35 mm DIN rail.
  • 4-core processor, 4Gb Flash, 1Gb RAM memory.
  • 2x Ethernet connections, RS232, RS485, connections.

Main advantages of Weintek cMT-SVRX-820/822:

  • Convenient connection for visualization and data registration via Web Browser (no special software installation required).
  • Built-in MQTT and OPC UA server support.
  • Free visualization development software EasyBuilder Pro.

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