Delcon SLI230CRP relay - immune to leakage current

May 14, 2018
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Delcon SLI230CRP relay - immune to leakage current-0

Problem description of control signals:

Faulty and unpredictable operation of electromagnetic or opto-relays using 2-wire AC-proximity sensors/switches.

Problem cause:

High leakage current using 2 - wired AC sensors. Even when the 2-wire AC proximity sensor is OFF, a small amount of current flow through the sensor circuit as leakage current. The leakage current can range from 0.5 ... 3.5mA, which if remain in the load (relay coil) is large enough to cause load resets. In this way, the control relay can capture misleading and unpredictable readings.

Solution: Delcon SLI230CRP relay works with leakage current from 2-wire proximity switches.

  • Input 230 VAC / Output 0 - 60 VDC / 0 - 50 mA
  • Guaranteed switching on and off levels
  • Fixed switch-off current 3.5mA (immune to leakage current up to 3.5mA)
  • Relatively high tolerance against external noises
  • No limited lifetime and 6 year warranty





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