ESTUN servo drive cooperation partner in the Baltics

May 25, 2021
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ESTUN servo drive cooperation partner in the Baltics-0

From 2020, we are Estun Automation Co. Ltd. partners in the Baltic States.

ESTUN is a company founded in 1993 which has been specialised in the production of servo controllers and engines for more than 25 years.

The range of servo engines has different power engines from 50 W to up to 5 kW, as well as single or three-phase models. Servo engines are specifically designed for use in areas requiring a well-controlled drive - robotics or production line. Servo engines are equipped with an encoder, so unlike step engines, they operate exactly at any load.

We have supplemented our offer with:

  • Single-phase servo drivers in the power range of 50 - 400 W
  • Three-phase 230V servo drivers in the power range 0.8 - 5 kW
  • Three-phase 400V servo drivers in the power range of 1 - 5 kW
  • Medium inertia EMJ servo series engines
  • Large-use EML and EMG series engines

ESTUN's customers are fully supported by a global sales and service network of highly qualified engineering personnel that understands the applications and industries they serve. This team also includes specialists and engineers from ZTF LĀSMA team. 

Drive product group manager provides:

  • technical advice:
  • technical assistance in configuring servo products on a client object
  • locating alternative solutions to existing systems and integrating advice servo into your system

We support, advise and help to choose the best solutions for your needs!

Code: EM3A-04AFA221
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411.49 EUR (w/o VAT)
Code: EM3A-04ALA222
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332.02 EUR (w/o VAT)
Code: ED3M-0404AEA
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275.00 EUR (w/o VAT)
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