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March 20, 2018
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MAYSER is one of the leading safety sensor manufacturers in Europe. The manufacturer's range includes a wide range of different types of contact type security solutions and contactless ultrasound sensors that are suitable for any industry where you need to protect people by controlling, slowing or stopping moving parts of the machine or machine.

Safety carpets - Responds to the contact as soon as a person is on a pressure sensitive mat, the sensors detect the presence of a person in a hazardous area and send position data to a security controller that slows or stops the unit or parts thereof. The size of the carpet can be adjusted to the size of the corresponding danger area.

The safety margins are sensors that provide barrier protection against the compression between the moving edge and the substrate. The most commonly used areas are door and gate systems, vertical platforms and lifting equipment. For example, if there is an obstacle - a person or an object - for moving gates or platforms where the safety edge is installed, then the dangerous movement is immediately stopped.

Safety bumpers - Active impact pads made of soft polyurethane foam with integrated safety sensors, designed for shock protection, protecting people from injuries or preventing damage to valuable objects. Available in various geometric shapes and sizes.

Ultrasonic sensors are a non-contact solution for identifying people and objects in hazardous areas. Their main advantage is their multifaceted applications. Two low-level ultrasound sensors can be connected to the control unit, which will not occupy much space and can be easily positioned to monitor the required hazardous area.


Individual approach to each solution - the opportunity to order suitable lengths, sizes.
A wide range of standard solutions/products in the manufacturer's warehouse for fast delivery.

A wide range of applications in various industries: manufacturing, logistics, transport and other industries.

If you have any questions about choosing an appropriate security solution, contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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