Pixsys ATR Protective front Covers / Adapters

March 12, 2021
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The functionality and stable operation of controllers can often be subject to external conditions, which tend to create needless risks. Affective factors include:

  • humidity,
  • dust,
  • dirt,
  • accidental / inappropriate activation,
  • mechanical shocks.

At the moment, it is easy to fix these problems and secure the displays with the ATR protective covers / adapters developed by Pixsys.

Suitable for:

  • cut-out 48x96mm for devices 32x74mm
  • cut-out 72x72 for devices 48x48mm
  • IP65 at ambient temperatures from -10 ° C to + 55 ° C.

Protection against:

  • shocks,
  • ultraviolet rays,
  • surface moisture or dew,
  • fat or dust,
  • accidental button presses
  • + The display will always be perfectly visible.

Protective covers / adapters will be compatible with all standard size controllers as well as the new Pixsys series BlueLine controllers ATR144 or ATR244.

Make sure to protect your investments and their reliability over time!

The availability of protective caps / adapters is shown below.

Code: 130021001
In stock: 5 pcs
27.00 EUR (w/o VAT)
30.00 EUR
Code: 130021001R
In stock: 5 pcs
30.00 EUR (w/o VAT)
Code: 130021002
In stock: 5 pcs
32.00 EUR (w/o VAT)
Code: 130021002R
In stock: 5 pcs
30.00 EUR (w/o VAT)
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