The SENECA Z-GPRS3 is more than just a GSM / GPRS controller with data logging functionality

February 28, 2020
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The SENECA Z-GPRS3 is more than just a GSM / GPRS controller with data logging functionality-0

Z-GPRS3 is a multifunctional remote control, monitoring and data logger. That fully meets the growing demands for remote management, data acquisition, real-time analytics.

The Z-GPRS3 modem is equipped with:

-4 integrated communication ports (1 Ethernet 10/100, 1 RS232 / RS485, 1 RS485, 1 MicroUSB),

-8 integrated I / O channels (4DI / counters / sweepstakes, 2AI, 2DO),

-voice alarm / audio control functionality with DTMF signals

-Communication protocols: MQTT, Ftp, Smtp, SMTP, HTTP rest, https, ModBUS RTU, ModBUS TCP-IP and SMS.

Key Benefits:

In addition to the built-in I / O, the required DI / DO AI / AO can be connected via ModBUS RTU I / O units.

Z-GPRS3 can also be used as a controller for application-specific logic using the free SeAL 2 software from Seneca.

The device supports various types of SIM cards and has an 8 MB flash memory plus a microSD slot which can expand the memory up to 32 GB.

The Z-GPRS3 is equipped with a built-in UPS that allows the unit to operate for up to 1 hour and send alarms when there is no primary power supply.

Z-UMTS, Z-GPRS3 and Z-LOGGER3 can be integrated with SENCEA IoT in the CloudBox, which provides end-user access via the Internet. The required information and control panels can be easily configured according to the user's rights and needs.

Ask LASMA team to learn more about CloudBox capabilities!


Tehnical specification:

Power supply 11..40 Vdc
19..28 Vac
Consumption 2 W (standby)
6,5 W (max)
LED status inidcation Ethernet, I/O, Coomunication (RX/TX), GSM, Power supply
Ambient temperature -10..+50°C
Size 35x100x112 mm
Digital Input N° 4 channel PNP, NPN (counters @32bit till 30 Hz), 30 Vdc max input voltage
Analoge Input N° 2 channel, range 0..20 mA, 0..30 V, 16 bit
Digitl Output N° 2 relay output SPDT max 2 A 250 Vac
Ethernet ports N° 1 10/100 Mbps (RJ45)
Serial ports N° 1 RS485 ModBUS Master, programmable baud rate
N° 1 RS485/RS232, programmable baud rate via terminals
Usb MicroUSB
Supported protocols Ftp client, Smtp, http, ModBUS TCP, ModBUS RTU, MQTT
Programming softwear SEAL 2.1 and later versions
Back up battery Yes (battery lasts about 60 minutes)
ON/OFF button Yes
Cpu K64 120 MHz
Ram 256 kB
Flash (program storage)   1 MB
Flash (serial storage) 8 MB
SD card Included
Additional features Mathematical functions, filters of ModBUS alarms, post/get http via modem and PPP
Sertification CE
Norms EN 301511, EN 301489-1/7, EN 60950
Code: ZGPRS3
In stock: 2 pcs
300.00 EUR (w/o VAT)
400.00 EUR
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