Video: Connection of Weintek HMI and Akytec for PID control

March 24, 2021
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PID regulation is the most popular process in process automation. 

Whether you need to provide proportional control of temperature, pressure or flow - PID control will definitely be used.  To make the whole process more convenient, it is necessary to easily change and display the parameters, which can be done with the HMI panel.


In this video you will see: 

  • How to add functionblocks from library 
  • Analogue input configuration (in software and jumper switch) 
  • Variable adding to akYtec display  
  • Data reading/writing from functionblocks 
  • Modbus slave configurations 
  • Communication parameters between HMI and akYtec 
  • HMI visualisation design   
  • Register reading/writing from akYtec 


>> Both - akYtec and Weintek Cmt-3072X project files are attached!

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HMI_projet_file (cmtp)

Akytec_projet_file (owl)