Video: ESTUN servo drive using speed control with an internally set speed (2. part)

April 15, 2021
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ESTUN is a leading developer of high-tech automotive components, industrial robotics and advanced manufacturing systems in China. The company has gained its biggest clout in developing Servo drive products motors, controllers and drivers.

The function of internally set speed selection allows speed control operation by externally selecting an input signal from among seven servomotor speed setting made in advance with parameters in the servo drive. The speed control operations within the three settings are valid. There is no need for an external speed or pulse generator.

 The video guide shows the following functions:

  • P-OT/N-OT or S-ON signals disabling
  • Change the control method to use a function with pre-defined speeds
  • Setting the servo engine sofstart and braking time
  • Defining preset speeds


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