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October 29, 2018
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In today's world, when wireless Internet Wi-Fi is available almost anywhere, it is economically feasible to use existing infrastructure for temperature monitoring.

We have tried out UK-made Wi-Fi data logging solutions from Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd or ETI.

Using the Wi-Fi network infrastructure, it's important to remember the key to data registration:

Data loggers are electronic devices that over time record measurements made at a predetermined time interval for one of the physical values, such as temperature, relative humidity, pressure, level, output, etc. We use the accumulated data to analyze and draw conclusions about the production process, storage, etc. An additional option is the setting of alert levels and notification system, which is largely monitored by software. The primary task of any data logging system is data collection, analysis and reporting.

You can find out more about data recording systems and their options in the "Monitoring Solutions" file in the attachment.

As the latest news from this industry, Wi-Fi data retrieval equipment is clearly visible. True, the use of this technology also has limitations, such as a relatively slow exchange of data, which means that this type of solution is not advisable to use in areas where there is a rapid change in physical quantities, where process control or a vital alert function is to be provided. For these reasons, we recommend Wi-Fi data recorders to be used to comply with regulatory requirements and to ensure product, process or research quality analysis in the following areas:
● food processing
● environment
● agriculture,
● logistics,
● laboratories
● museums and archives
● freezing and storage
● medicine.

About the ETI - solutions offered:

For now the products offered by the ETI are for temperature only. There are currently 6 different devices available. The main advantage is the data registration software because it can be installed locally and conveniently to collect data from 32 monitoring points. The manufacturer points out, however, that the number of monitored points added may be higher, but the graphs are as high as possible to reflect 32 curves.

As already mentioned, the software is free and able to read data from logs that are not on the same network. What's interesting is that the data logger can be linked in parallel to the mobile device, which is easy to view real-time data, a small history graph, change settings and receive alerts.

Main advantages of the software:

  • free of charge
  • user friendly design
  • real-time availability of data
  • schedules up to 32 points
  • statistics and table view
  • ability to send alert messages via e-mail or SMS
  • possible import a card (image format jpg.), providing a convenient and intuitive visualization of monitoring points
  • data export.

Data loggers are powered by two AA batteries and their longevity depends on the frequency of recording and data transfer. There are three ways to change the settings: using a mobile phone and an application, or USB, or a Wi-Fi connection using the available computer program.

Two types of registrars are available in stock, contact us and we will agree on the demo trial time and place!

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