Position and quality control.

Possition and quality control with analog Inductive Sensor and Pixsys ATR-144-ABC parametric controller.
The inductive sensor gives an analog signal depending on the part / design distance from the sensor. The Pixsys controller reads the analog signal and interprets it as the distance to the part. The working distance is freely adjustable.


For dimensional quality control of metal parts. Movement control of metal structures.


M18 The inductive sensor is easy to attach and adjust in your construction. The parametric controller allows you to freely configurable output and retransmitt the size in the form of an analog signal. The display shows the current movement.


Sn = 0 ... 10mm Analog outputs 4-20mA or 0-10V. resolution ≤ 2 μm, Controller supply voltage 24 ... 230 VAC / DC, 2 Digital outputs and 1 Analogue output.


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