Temperature control with Pixsys and temperature sensor.

Using the Pixsys temperature controller, by connecting the necessary temperature sensor to it, you can control the temperature in the range you need.
By connecting a temperature sensor to the Pixsys controller, you can enter, save and load data using by phone and by keyboard.


✔ For electric stoves ✔ For electric heating elements ✔ For coolers ✔ For refrigerator


✔ Models with NFC module
✔ PID controller
✔ Wide range of configurations
✔ Models with RS485 communication interface


Supply voltage: 24...230 V AC/DC;
Output: relay (5A resistive load 230VAC); SSR (12VDC 30mA); DO (12VDC 25mA);
Entrance: PT100; PT500; PT1000; Ni100; PTC1K; NTC10K; thermocouples K, J, S, R; 0/4..20mA (Ri≤5ohm); 0...10V (Ri≥110Kohm); 0..40mV (Ri>100Mohm


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