Wireless Modbus RTU network. Read the temperature and humidity without installing the communication cables.

Providing of wireless Modbus RTU communication between Modbus Master and Modbus Slave devices
Tekon wireless serial device WSM101 provide wireless data exchange between Modbus RTU Master and slave devices. Serial devices must be configured to work in the same wireless network configuration and Modbus RTU network settings.


The wireless solution is great when the Master device needs to obtain information from multiple points over long distances or hard-to-reach points for wired communication installation.


Easy to install, expandable and economical wireless solution. Tekon wireless devices are intuitive to configure. A convenient way to upgrade an existing system without making changes to the factory communication system.


24 VDC power supply. Modbus RTU support. Wireless transmission up to 4 km. Supports up to 256 devices on a network.


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