Allow your equipment to work, invest in Delcon relays.

August 29, 2018
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Allow your equipment to work, invest in Delcon relays.-0

Relays from the Finnish company Delcon have proven themselves as reliable products with long-lasting performance in harsh industrial applications where difficult loads, noise and interference can cause big problems. This is evidenced by many positive reviews from both international and our customers in Latvia.

Summing up the main customer references - in problematic places where electromagnetic relays where frequently failing, after the changes were made and Delcon relays were installed, the equipment works without problems and none of the new relays have been changed.

Delcon has a wide range of relays that are suitable for different types of loads as well as adaptable to different environmental requirements. Meanwhile, for important equipment and system nodes, with frequent relay switching on / off, we recommend using Delcon relays for typical loads:

  • SLO 24CR resistive and slightly inductive DC loads up to 3A
  • SLO 24TR all type of AC-loads up to 3A

Benefits / Specification

  • No limited lifetime and 10 year warranty
  • Relatively high tolerance against external noises
  • 100 % guaranteed switching on and off levels
  • High switching frequency
  • SLO 24CR - Input 24 VDC / Output 0 – 60 VDC/ 3A
  • SLO 24TR - Input 24 VDC / Output 0 – 265 VAC/ 3A


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