MAYSER- Ultrasonic sensors for persons and property protection

August 7, 2018
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MAYSER- Ultrasonic sensors for persons and property protection-0

Mayser has recently entered the ZTF Lasma product range with its unique safety solutions. The company offers safety technologies, which ensures wherever moving parts ( on machines, vehicles, trains, robots ) need to be slowed, stopped or controlled to protect people. Mayser product range is unique with individual solutions, which are suitable for different work conditions.

Mayser has come up with a brand new model this year - ultrasonic sensor USi:

  • Sensor works in rough environments (rain, snow, ice, dust, dirt, sunlight)
  • Only ultrasonic sensor worldwide with safety certification “Category 3, Performance Level d”
  • Easily teachable "objects"
  • The system detects objects made of all kinds of materials irrecpective of shape, transparency and color
  • Flexible installation because sensors and control unit are separated from each other (connected through a cable)
  • Up to two ultrasonic transducers can be connected to one electronic system. They can be configurated indepentently of each other.
  • Sensors are very small and create a relatively big 3D sound field
  • USi are used in many areas to detect people and objects by means of non-touch technology for reliable protection against injuries and damage
  • User friendly software

USi applications:

  • Aviation: distance check & collision protection on ground handling vehicles
  • Logistics: route control on automated quided vehicle systems
  • Robotics: tool safety in human-robot collaboration

Mayser can offer: safety mats; wide-size safety edges; safety bumpers, control relays, signal transmission systems and ultrasonic sensors.

In the Mayser test case you can find both effective safety solutions and also interesting application ideas.

Come and visit us to  ZTF LASMA office and test by yourself on the spot: security edges, buffers, mats, and ultrasonic sensors.

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