Flow sensor SICK T-Easic® FTS

May 7, 2020
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Flow sensor SICK T-Easic® FTS-0

Thermal flow switch for simultaneous flow and temperature detection and control of various water and oil based liquids. A safe and reliable solution for dry run protection in pumps.

SICK T-Easic® FTS is available in two versions:

  • Industrial version with control panel and 180 ° rotating display - extremely durable VISTAL® / polyester housing, protection class IP67
  • Hygienic version meets all CIP and SIP requirements - Stainless steel 1.4404 / 316L housing, protection class IP67 / IP69

Technical specification:

  • Three probe lengths: 60, 100 and 200 mm, for use in different sized tubes starting from 25 mm in diameter;
  • Various threaded connections can be adjusted to mount the sensor: G ½; NPT ½, M18x1.5; process pressure up to 100bar;
  • Process temperature –40°C ... + 150°C;
  • Parameter settings can be done via IO-Link. As an industrial design, it also can be done via OLED display and operating buttons;
  • 2 x digital output flow and temperature measurement for monitoring limit values;
  • Factory optimized for water and oil; teach-in option of other liquids (range for water: 3..150 cm/s, for oil 3..300 cm/s);
  • Electrical connection M12, 4-pin connector.

Fields of applications:

  • Protection and monitoring of pumps in various industries;
  • Measuring and controlling the flow and temperature of coolants and lubricants;
  • Cleaning and detergent flow control in food industry CIA cleaning systems;
  • Oil flow monitoring in hydraulic systems.


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Flow sensors T-Easic® FTS


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