KNAUF chooses safe production environment with MicroScan3

November 30, 2020
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KNAUF chooses safe production environment with MicroScan3-0

KNAUF - company which takes safe employee's environment as a Priority. 

 By constantly assessing potential risks and addressing identified deficiencies, KNAUF, the manufacturer of building materials and building systems, looks at the most innovative products in the range of safety equipment that enable quick and effective risk mitigation and, if necessary, easy change of settings.

KNAUF turned to ZTF LASMA engineers for a solution that would eliminate the risks associated with the operation of the automatic plasterboard handling equipment.

The automatic equipment moves through the production areas, where both- people and warehouse equipment are constantly located and moving. Consequently, stopping the automatic machine while the worker or machine are in the area of the machine is vital.

Primary requirements: 

  • Safety system's operating area 4m,180 degrees within the machine must be stopped
  • It must be possible to change the safety zones during the movement of fixed installations and parts of the building structure on which the safety system does not have to work.t. 

Based on these requirements, LASMA's team of engineers recommended the MicroScan3 safety laser scanner manufactured by SICK, as it has both the required detection zone and the ability to switch operating areas with signals.

Additional benefits offered by this product:

  • Possibility to freely create the contour of the safety zone, thus best adapting the operation of the system to each specific case.
  • In addition to the safety zone, it is possible to add a warning zone. This means that if someone appears in this area, a sound / light signal is given to inform the person that they are in a potentially dangerous area. This gives the person time to leave the unsafe area before the machine is stopped. In this way, the potential downtime of the machine is reduced and productivity is maintained.
  • Possibility to activate automatic resumption after stopping the machine. The operation of the device can be automatically resumed after a freely adjustable time, when nothing is fixed in the safety zone. This allows the machine to operate autonomously and does not require additional human resources to service the machine.
  • Simple and fast right-tuning of warning and safety zones, which reduces system's start-up time.

 Summary: with MicroScan3 you get in maximum human protection with flexible and simple key zone parameters. Additional bonuses - minimize the drop in equipment productivity and the support of reliable engineering team from LASMA.

 These arguments were essential for KNAUF to choose MicroScan3.

Feedback from KNAUF Electrical Service after installation and usage:  

The solution provided by company LASMA works precisely and fits perfectly into our production flow. A warning area and a light signal that informs you that you are "not where you suppose to be" are very handy. The most positive surprise was how easy and without special knowledge it was possible to install and operate the system. Changes to the scanned contours can be made in a few minutes and the machine is ready to continue. This "quick" setting change process encourages you to continually improve your scan area configuration if you suddenly find a nuance that has gone unnoticed in the initial assessment


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