The PIXSYS Blue Line is the choice of professional technicians

November 20, 2020
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The PIXSYS Blue Line is the choice of professional technicians-0

Industrial Service and Maintenance providers dream of one UNIVERSAL device suitable for replacement in any type of equipment. Of course, this is still a dream, but the Blue Line controllers developed by PIXSYS are able to partially turn the dream into reality.

Multifunctional parametric controllers from Pixsys have always been a great, simple and practical solution for difficult situations. This is also reflected in Pixsys' slogan and approach to new product development.

"Versatile and smart devices that can be suitable for many types of applications in a wide range of industries and processes."

We are aware that industrial service and maintenance people face situations on a daily basis where they are asked to replace / repair equipment without first knowing the specification or root of the problem, but the result is immediate due to the urgent need to reduce downtime and resume production.

"You need a device that can meet multiple needs and help maximize work efficiency."

You need a Pixsys Blue line multifunction parametric controller.

Why PIXSYS Blue line?

  • This allows you to solve several problem situations, when it is necessary to restore the operation of the equipment, if any of the temperature, humidity, pressure, flow ... sensor is damaged.
  • The universal analog input allows you to quickly and efficiently match the controller with many different sensors and their signals
  • The control output will be able to control most of the actuators
  • The control algorithm can be adjusted according to the needs of the process
  • The devices are equipped with a universal power supply and it will be possible to connect it without undue complications
  • Changing settings using NFC and the "My Pixsys" app allows you to quickly access product data / product literature and quickly set or change parameters. You will be able to transfer the settings file to a customer or technician using WhatsApp
  • Even without plugging in, you can download and upload device settings.

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