Now EasyAcess2.0 available on iP series HMI.

December 21, 2020
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Now EasyAcess2.0 available  on iP series HMI.-0

In response to the current situation and market demands, with becoming more and more significant remote  access to equipment, data and remote technical support, Weintek has made improvements and now also the iP series HMI supports remote access through EasyAcess2.0. As a result, all Weintek HMI models now support remote acess 

To  be able to activate EA2.0 on iP series panels, You should update  

  • EasyBuilder Pro V6.04.02.597 or later 
  • iP internal   OS:20201007 or later 

Further  usual steps to  activate  EasyAcess2.0  


Further more, EA2.0 funcionality has been improved as well- now 3 users simultaneously can ascess to 1 device. 


Always reliable remote access to your Hmi and networks with Easy Acess 2.0

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