Replace stepper motor with ESTUN servo motor

December 16, 2020
Replace stepper motor with ESTUN servo motor-0

    Can stepper motor be replaced with servo motor? The answer is - YES!

    In order to use ESTUN servo drive instead of the stepper motor, it should be noted that the STEP/DIR signal inputs is equipped with all ESTUN drivers except modules with Ethercat communication.

    Setting ESTUN driver:

  1. Match the reference pulse form with the pulse output form from the host controller.
  2. Set the reference unit and electronic gear ratio so that it coincides with the host controller setting.
  3. Turn the power and the servo ON input signal ON.
  4. Send the slow speed pulse reference for the number of servomotor rotation easy to check (for example, one servomotor revolution) from the host controller in advance.
  5. Check the number of reference pulses input to the servo drive by the changed amount before and after the Un013 and Un014(input reference pulsecounter)[pulse] were executed.
  6. Check whether the actual number of servomotor rotations Un009, Un010 coincides with the number of input reference pulses.
  7. Check that the servomotor rotation direction is the same as the reference.
  8. Check the servomotor speed using the Un000 in Monitor Mode.

    If the electrical connection is correctly established, the speed/direction of rotation of the servo motor must match the required speed and direction. In the event of errors, it must be verified that the corresponding control outbound form is selected in parameter Pn004.