Seneca energy meter with Rogowski coils

May 23, 2022
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KIT with S604E power meter and three Rogowski coils with the same length. This KIT is an innovative instrument for measurement and recordings of the electrical parameters. It is particularly suitable for consumption analysis and control, with an excellent quality/price ratio. Connections are very quick and easy, very useful for retrofitting applications on existing switchboards or for energy audit. S604E version E (Energy Plus) equips 8 MB of memory, allows the reading of min/med/max values of all the powers active/reactive and calculation of harmonics up to the 15th. On request, the instrument can communicate through RS485 serial port with ModBUS RTU/ASCII or via LAN port with ModBUS TCP protocol.


  • Set - meter with Rogowski coils
  • Wide measuring range
  • Easy installation
  • 8MB internal data memory
  • RS485 communication
  • Competitive price

Also, depending on the measuring range, the device can be connected to objects of your choice. For example, if a factory has multiple production machines, you can periodically add a Seneca meter to each one without the need to purchase multiple items.


If you need a Seneca, contact ZTF Lāsma specialists who will help you find the most suitable and cost-effective solution. We are here to support!

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Seneca S604E-ROG