Setting common basic function on ESTUN servo drive

January 27, 2021
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Setting common basic function on ESTUN servo drive-0

In order to facilitate the installation of THE ESTUN servo drive, we have prepared a manual that includes the main basic functions configuration guide.

Below you can find manual for download containing the following instructions:

  • Setting the Servo ON Signal - This sets the servo ON signal (/S-ON) that determines whether the servomotor power is ON or OFF
  • Enabling/Disabling the Servo ON Signal - This eliminates the need to wire /S-ON, but care must be taken because the servo drive can operate as soon as the power is turned ON
  • Switching the Servomotor Rotation Direction - The rotation direction of the servomotor can be switched without changing the reference pulse to the servo drive or the reference voltage polarity
  • Setting the Overtravel Limit Function - The overtravel limit function forces movable machine parts to stop if they exceed the allowable range of motion and turn ON a limit switch.
  • Enabling/Disabling the Overtravel Signal - A parameter can be set to disable the overtravel signal. If the parameter is set, there is no need to wire the overtravel input signal
  • Selecting the Servomotor Stop Method - This is used to set the stop method when an overtravel(P-OT,N-OT)signal is input while the servomotor is operating
  • Setting the Stop Torque for Overtravel - This sets the stop torque for when the overtravel signal (P-OT,N-OT) is input
  • Setting for Holding Brakes - The holding brake is used when the servo drive controls a vertical axis
  • Brake interlock output - This output signal controls the brake and is used only for a servomotor with a brake
  • Allocating Brake Interlock Output (/BK) - Brake interlock output (/BK) is not used with the factory setting.The output signal must be allocated
  • Setting the Brake ON/OFF Timing after the Servomotor Stops - With the factory setting, the /BK signal is output at the same time as the servo is turned OFF. The servo OFF timing can be changed with a parameter
  • Setting the Brake ON/OFF Timing When Servomotor Running - The following parameters can be used to change the /BK signal output conditions when a stop reference is output during servomotor operation due to the servo OFF or an alarm occuring


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