SICK TIM series 2D LiDAR scanners

April 7, 2022
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SICK TiM series laser scanners - a reliable choice for a wide range of area monitoring solutions, from detection of objects to precise detection of location and object parameters.

Key features:

  • Small and cost-effective laser scanner for many different applications;
  • The scanners are easy to configure with SICK SOPAS free software;
  • Fast output of measurement data via Ethernet interface;
  • Hddm and Hddm + technology ensure very stable operation and reliable results, even in difficult environmental conditions: in the presence of dirt, dust, moisture, and ambient light.
  • In addition to object detection, the measurement data output allows obtaining additional data on parameters such as object size, shape, etc.

TiM1xx is a small, simple, cost-effective laser scanner that will be suitable for detecting objects in an indoor area up to 15.7 m². Nominal operating distance of the scanner: 1.2 m ... 3 m at 10% reflection (10 m max). Working angle: horizontal 200 °.

TiM2xx is an economical, compact laser scanner for industrial application detection in indoor areas up to 200 m². The sensor transmits data in real-time via the integrated Ethernet interface, ensuring easy sensor integration into any industrial control system. Scanner nominal operating distance: 0.05m ... 3 m at 10% reflection (10 m max) Operating angle: 240 ° horizontally.

TiM3xx versatile scanner for detecting objects both indoors and outdoors, with an area of up to 235 m². Flexible application thanks to 16 pre-configurable fieldsets (each with 3 zones) selected with digital inputs. Safety zone monitoring models certified to ISO safety standards are also available. Scanner nominal operating distance: 2 m ... 8 m at 10% reflection (10 m max). Operating angle: 270 ° horizontal, Ethernet interface.

TiM5xx can control large areas up to 1470 m² indoors and outdoors - regardless of surface or ambient light. In addition to detecting objects, it also provides accurate measurement data from the scanned surface, allowing you to obtain additional information such as the size and shape of the objects. Scanner nominal operating distance: 2 m ... 8 m at 10% reflection (25 m max). Operating angle: 270 ° horizontal, Ethernet interface.

TiM7xx combines smart field evaluation and measurement data output in one device. This allows you to get both data on the presence of an object in a specific area and accurate data on the scanned surface. Ideal for mobile platform and automated vehicle (AGV) solutions. Scanner nominal operating distance: 2 m ... 8 m at 10% reflection (10 m max). Operating angle: 270 ° horizontal, Ethernet interface.

Fields of applications:

  • Area monitoring;
  • Detection of presence in the area;
  • Monitoring the movement of door and gate areas;
  • Collision protection for automated vehicles and platforms;
  • Navigation and Mapping for Automated Vehicles (AGV);
  • Intelligent object detection for mobile applications.


If you need SICK TiM series laser scanners, contact ZTF Lāsma specialists who will help you find the most suitable and cost-effective solution. We are here to support you!


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